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Sunday, January 03, 2010
HAPPY 2010 !
My new year resolution is simple,lead a normal school girl life, be guai and study hard! i think my last day of last year was an utterly plain one, of cause because i had spent it without my usual company, nevermind, went out with yuncong, poontat and yuncong's cousin though. Watched Treasure Hunter, the show was ok. Not as interesting as what i thought at first. After the movie ended, went to th open air to see th fireworks, this year one was plain boredom. Hahas.
My mum have worrys about me being a alchoholic, haha, same applies for my bro too. Lol. All her worries started only on 30dec2009. My grandma told my mum that she want to come to our house for dinner on that day like a week earlier or so, my mum then also invite my aunt and uncle family to come over. After everyone arrived, grandma is still not here, in th end made a phonecall to her and she told us she have forgotten about it, Lol. So we continued as per normal, and started eating. Aunt bought red wine to our house and daddy bought redwine too. Drinking session started and i drank quite alot too, one of them is super nice, hahas. One of the red wine that aunt bought a 5% one, and seriously it's tasted super like soft drink, dam sweet, so i drank almost non-stop on the 5% one, and mum say i look 100% like a alcholic, Laughs! hahas. But it tasted super sweet lah! addictive, but the adults and my second bro didn't like it, it was only me and my big bro who super enjoy it, hahas. And one thing to comfirm, that night was a super easy night to sleep, not like now.struggling to fall asleep, i am dam awake now lo, went out with parent just now and felt super tired, reach home then dam energetic le, everytime liddat! Irritated!, till then, school starts tomorow, better sleep now then sleeping tomorow ;x hahas.

Friday, December 25, 2009
Merry Christmas ♥
Ouhkaye. practically, i am bored. Merry Christmas everyone! hahas.

Monday, December 14, 2009
Time to revive you, bloggie.
Ouhkaye, i think this blog is really dead for a quality 3 months, shall be active for awhile again. Kinda out of topic leh ;/ too long never blog le, i seriously cannot think of anything to post, ohyea, yuexi gave me my christmas and birthday present today, went to the library with her today, so long never go out together le! So, we finally met! Went shopping for christmas present for the lee's. Hahas, the lee's consist of LeeBaoRu, LeeYiZhen(Elizabeth), LeeYueXi. I so odd one leh, never mind i still like my surname, good to be that special one, hahas. Anyway, thanks all for the birthday wishes and Gisela for the gift,
♥ all of you !
Currently msn-ing with AlvinWee, our conversation is always duper lame, today's one is also not exceptional, since i got nothing to post, shall post ou conversation, lol. Experience the lameness bahs, lol. And of course, many part is censor-ed. Haha.

VIN+VIN ¤ [ † ] ™ says
*philliphine maid tone
*Xiao Jieee~
T.CHEWMEI            ♥   
*Lol , ohhyea , i forgot you are one
*th word phillipine maid is stuck in my head
*last time dumbbie -,- now phillipine maid which is better
*which one you prefer
VIN+VIN ¤ [ † ]
*cuter bleh
T.CHEWMEI            ♥   
*time to revive my blog, lol
VIN+VIN ¤ [ † ]
*dead le la
T.CHEWMEI            ♥   
*reviving it now
*can i post our conver?
*arbo nothing for me to post ;/
VIN+VIN ¤ [ † ]
*PG de can le
*if got M18 de
*faster censor

LOL, till then

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
kelong trip 20/09-21/09
woke up at 6 to prepare ,
bath , double check everything , then went off ,
kor friend , peisiang , jenere , jon came over to stay overnight ,
so went off together .
then went to aunt house , to fetch them .
reached changi at about 8 .
eat , wait for late-comer ,
when to the port , and waited for the boat .
then setted off first to the malaysia immigrant , on the way , all th guys sleep like pig .
i keep looking at the sea ,
not th first time going there , so not really excited about it .
i have photo later on ,
went there as usual , all went fishing except for mum & big bro .
i only fish for awhile -,-
i seriously got no patience .
hahas , even a 5years old boy have longer patience then me ,
throw face ;x

till then ;D

Monday, September 07, 2009
boredom make people do anything .
i am bored ,
are you ?
anything for me to do ?
just had dinner , hiakhiakhiak
stayed at aunt house again xD
today dinner was home-made meal but super nice .
home-made charsiew ,
aparagus with oyster mushroom ,
hahas ,
went jurong point for a walk and to buy ingredient before that .
walk until leg super sour , ohhyea
ytd , while walking around ytd ,
saw a cross stitch pack ,
then sudden interest and bought it ,
aunt promise to teach me cause she know how ,
hohoho , super bored lehhs !
what to do ?
zzz , shall reply all my long ago tags , hahs .

4 Sep 09, 15:17SiMin: MY DEAREST COUSIN arhx y never link me sia
-Link le ! xD

2 Sep 09, 23:29♥, HUIMIN: uue got 1heart ler ! in mye linkkyy . ! hahas . (:
-hohoho <3

1 Sep 09, 22:52.♥Pebbles: I LOVE YOU ! HEHEHE (:
-eplied at your blog .

1 Sep 09, 20:48eliz: haha. yes, we did pour all of our hearts troubles out. hahaha!
-haha yeaps , (:

30 Aug 09, 14:38eliz: LOL. the two of us will nvr send you to IMH lah. lol. unless you really go crazy. cheer up.=)
- really ? thankyou <3

29 Aug 09, 00:25Celestene. : :D
- (:

9, 00:34-Vor,: TaggED .
-Thankyou <3

26 Aug 09, 18:50eliz: boo! update girl!
-updated !

24 Aug 09, 20:13♥, HUIMIN: waaaa ! relinkkk !
-relinked !

24 Aug 09, 17:49dreamzarmodio: [big] NEW DRESS, TOPS, SHORTS & BAGS AVAILABLE!
preorders are available for these new stocks now!
- when i am free (:

24 Aug 09, 17:28Joysterious: oh ahjieh ; get well soon alrightes ! takecares okay ? (;
-thankyou lots lots , i am super well already <3

21 Aug 09, 22:33Yuexi.L: TanChewChew you betta hurry up get well horh!! hahas
-hehehe , i am ouhkaye already , super ouhkaye le .

-hahas , i love eeteuk better !

12 Aug 09, 23:16BAORU(:: GET WELL SOON , TAN (:

12 Aug 09, 21:05PEIJUN.-.-: LAOPO, tagged =D ily. tctc. muacks.
-muack too xD

10 Aug 09, 11:30♥, HUIMIN: ohyaaa , RE-linkk mi .
- hahas , oops .

10 Aug 09, 11:29♥, HUIMIN: helloooo , You're tagged !
- thankyou

-when i am free also .

4 Aug 09, 20:27eliz: update! and o agree with huijuan.
Oo , hahas .

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

photo for today <3

don't know what to post , hahas
this is what we took at my house downstair void deck ,
suddenly decision to camwhore xD

Tuesday, September 01, 2009
my blogger is back to normal , hahas
LOL , in hospital now to accompany my mum for her medical checkup ,
i am well prepared xD
since i know th wait will be a long one , i brought along my laptop ,
hahas , i also borrowed from my bro his thumbdrive internet(that's what i call it)
hahas , and he lent it to me ,
hence , it cure half of my boredom ;D
woooohoooo ,
movie ytd with elizabeth ,
watched th proposal , quite nice though ,
hahas , before that ate kfc ,
then chat for a long long time , and then decided to watch proposal ,
we chatted alot , something like we share our heart out (:
hahs , then went to buy ticket ,
the movie advertisement is super long !
at first went in at around 4.05 ,
in the end , the movie only start at around 4.30 ,
which was originally scheduled at 4.10 -,-
hahas , funny , nice , interested , overall not bad can watch xD
ohhyea , !
yuexi abandoned us for her primary school friend !
hahas , but since it is somehow like their annual meeting , we let her go ;D
hahas , if not if is she ownself duntwant follow us de ,
comfirm torture her ! hahas
roughly liddat bahs , till then cya ;D
picture posting , for my previous postes , will resume in my next post ,
maybe next post or some other postes bahs ,
till then